We at hope to provide you with a variety of helpful, informative and useful resources for times when an emergency forces you to shelter at home. A variety of events might cause local officials to require the public to remain indoors. These could be as varied as earthquakes, downed power lines, heavy snow or ice, flash flooding, health concerns (i.e., quarantine), criminals in a neighborhood and many others. While each type of emergency will have its own particular conditions, the common requirement that intends to supply will be information you can use to be safer, happier, healthier, more entertained, and maybe even better informed than just waiting for an update from those officials.

Please use the Contact Us form to give us feedback, let us know of any errors, or suggest additional content we can add. We'll be glad to fix or add, as appropriate, what you suggest. We also ask that you review any of the resources we highlight that you have used. Did they meet your expectations? Was the cost (if any) reasonable? Your feedback will help others looking for helpful resources.

We look forward to helping you and anyone with you to make it through your emergency.