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Please note that while most of these resources are available for free, some charge for access,
and others have additional features at a cost. Please read disclosures carefully.

  1. Creative Ways to Help Your Kids with Their Schoolwork at Home: YouTube

  2. Khan Academy has published a flexible daily schedule for students ages 4-18 in multiple languages, with links to topics (including Advanced Placement high school materials) which is available for free.

  3. Heavens Above is a general astronomy informatoin site with information about fly-overs by satellites: Heavens Above

  4. Evernote is a cloud-based service for keeping notes, photographs and more in an organized virtual filing system: Evernote

    1. For high school and college students, Evernote offers the Cornell Notes Template: Evernote Cornell Notes Template

  5. GoNoodle inspires movement and mindfulness at home: GoNoodle

  6. Science, Adventure, Videos, Games and Learning: National Geographic Kids

  7. Easy and creative crafts for kids: Project Kid

  8. Teaching Remotely for Grades K – 9 - Free Resources and Strategies: Scholastic

  9. Free science lessons for Grades K-5: Mystery Science

  10. Story Time from Space - Astronauts on the International Space Station read children's books: YouTube

  11. Writing prompts, flash cards, worksheets and other language/writing resources: Lakeshore Learning

  12. 1,500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities collated by Open Culture

  13. Free online courses from Hillsdale College about American history, the US Constitution, Politics, Literature and Economics

  14. At any age, it's helpful to retain what you read, whether for school, work, or pleasure